Boostive: Santa Cruz's Fusion Pioneers Blending Reggae, Dub, and Hip Hop

Boostive: Santa Cruz's Fusion Pioneers Blending Reggae, Dub, and Hip Hop


Boostive: Santa Cruz's Fusion Pioneers Blending Reggae, Dub, and Hip Hop

In the heart of Santa Cruz, California, a musical phenomenon is taking shape. Boostive, an eclectic ensemble, is carving out its unique niche in the music world with a fusion of dub, reggae, hip hop, and Latin elements. Their sound is an alchemy of smooth bass lines, ambient textures, and mesmerizing percussion, creating a sonic landscape that is both captivating and uniquely diverse.

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Origins and Evolution

Boostive’s journey began with Seiji Komo's move to Santa Cruz, where his exploration into recording and mixing sparked the formation of the band. Joined by Dylan Webber, Nathan Kocivar, and a group of talented friends, Boostive quickly gained momentum, resonating with the college scene and beyond. Each member brought a distinctive style and energy to the music, culminating in a sound that is both rich and dynamically layered.


Tracks that Transcend Genres

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Songs like "See I", "Pass You By", and "Ties Unwind" w/ Racquel Jones & Divina Jasso, exemplify Boostive's ability to seamlessly blend different genres. Their music goes beyond mere rhythm and melody; it creates an immersive atmosphere that envelopes the listener. The band's tracks resonate on multiple levels, from the casual listener to the discerning music enthusiast.

Live Performances: A Rhythmic Journey

In their live shows, Boostive's energy and synergy are palpable. Known for their immersive performances, they transform concerts into shared, rhythmic journeys. With an ability to engage with the audience, Boostive turns each performance into a memorable experience, showcasing the captivating vocals of Divina Jasso and the cohesive talent of the band.


A Band Redefining Boundaries

As Boostive continues to evolve and share their music, they stand out as a band with a distinct sound. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of genre and blending diverse musical elements positions them as a significant act in the contemporary music landscape. Their appeal spans fans of dub, reggae, hip hop, and beyond.

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Boostive is not just a band; they are musical innovators, blending diverse influences to create a sound that is both fresh and deeply resonant. Their journey in the music world is a testament to creativity, collaboration, and the endless possibilities of fusion.

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