Little Stranger: A Fresh Wave in the Reggae Scene at Reggae Rise Up

Little Stranger: A Fresh Wave in the Reggae Scene at Reggae Rise Up


Little Stranger: A Fresh Wave in the Reggae Scene at Reggae Rise Up

 In the ever-evolving landscape of reggae music, a fresh and invigorating wave is making its mark. Little Stranger, an indie hip-hop duo with deep roots in the reggae genre, is rapidly becoming a staple in the Florida reggae scene. As Reggae Rise Up (RRU) approaches, this dynamic duo is set to bring their unique sound to the forefront, echoing through the heart of Florida's vibrant music community.

The Rise of Little Stranger: Born and raised in Philadelphia but now calling Charleston their home, Little Stranger comprises the talented John and Kevin Shields. Their music, a kaleidoscopic blend of indie, hip-hop, and reggae influences, is often compared to the likes of Gorillaz and Odelay-era Beck. Their journey fr om Philly to Charleston has been nothing short of a "musical odyssey," with each destination enriching their sound and style.


Reggae Nights Twisted Fork

Little Stranger at Reggae Rise Up: As we approach the much-anticipated Reggae Rise Up Florida Festival 2024, fans are excited to see Little Stranger's unique blend of genres. Known for their rigorous touring schedule and a commitment to live performances, the duo is expected to bring an electric energy to the festival, resonating with fans of diverse musical tastes. 

Reggae Nights at the Twisted Fork: Complementing the festival is the event "Reggae Nights at the Twisted Fork," set for Sunday, March 24th. This family-friendly event in Port Charlotte, Florida, is a perfect follow-up to the RRU, offering a taste of the eclectic reggae scene and the chance to experience Little Stranger's infectious grooves live.


Reggae Nights Rise Up Guide to St. Petersburg Florida 2024
Connecting Through Music: Little Stranger's approach goes beyond just music production. They are deeply involved in creating an encompassing artistic experience, evident in their music videos, the unique television program LSTV, and in-house graphics. This multimedia approach aligns perfectly with the ethos of RRU, where music is a medium for connection, storytelling, and cultural expression.


As Little Stranger gears up to take the stage at Reggae Rise Up, their journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of music. It's a reminder of how genres like reggae continue to evolve and embrace new sounds and influences. Join us in experiencing this evolution firsthand at Reggae Nights at the Twisted Fork and Reggae Rise Up Florida Festival 2024.


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