PART 3 Bianca Schlosser of Seranation - The Queen B of Bass: Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Rockstars

PART 3 Bianca Schlosser of Seranation - The Queen B of Bass: Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Rockstars

Part 3: Work-Life Balance

Balancing a demanding music career with personal well-being is no small feat, yet Bianca Schlosser manages it with grace. As the "Queen B of Bass" and a key member of Seranation, Bianca’s schedule is packed with rehearsals, recordings, and performances. Despite these demands, she maintains a healthy lifestyle that keeps her energized and focused.


Yoga plays a crucial role in Bianca’s routine. It not only helps her stay physically fit but also provides mental clarity and stress relief. The discipline and mindfulness that come with yoga practice are mirrored in her approach to music and life. Through yoga, Bianca finds balance and grounding, essential for maintaining her high-energy performances and demanding tour schedules. "I love to do yoga," she shares, underscoring its importance in her daily life.

Coconut Water

Staying hydrated is another key aspect of Bianca’s wellness regimen. She swears by coconut water for its hydrating properties and rich nutrient content. Whether she’s on stage under the hot lights or rehearsing with her bandmates, coconut water helps her stay refreshed and revitalized. This natural beverage is a staple in her daily routine, ensuring she remains at her best both on and off the stage.

Healthy Eating

Bianca understands the importance of fueling her body with nutritious foods to maintain her energy levels and overall health. She focuses on eating a balanced diet and staying hydrated, which supports her active lifestyle and helps her recover quickly from the physical demands of performing. By prioritizing healthy eating and hydration, Bianca ensures she has the stamina needed for her rigorous schedule.

Holding It All Together

Balancing work and personal life requires not just discipline but also a supportive environment. Bianca credits her ability to manage everything to a strong support system, including her bandmates, family, and friends. Their encouragement and understanding provide her with the stability she needs to pursue her passion while maintaining her well-being. "We all hang out as a band a lot, and a lot of our friends we met through the band too", Bianca explains. "My family knows this is my life, and I won’t always be able to make it to every dinner or hangout, but when I am there, I make sure I am fully present with them."

Bianca’s approach to work-life balance is a testament to her commitment to both her craft and her health. By integrating yoga, hydration, and healthy eating into her daily routine, she ensures she can meet the demands of her career without compromising her personal wellness. This holistic approach allows her to continue inspiring young musicians, demonstrating that with dedication and balance, one can achieve greatness in any field.

The Queen B of Bass

Bianca Schlosser’s journey from a young guitarist encouraged by her father to the "Queen B of Bass" is an inspiring tale of passion, dedication, and balance. Through her music and her presence on stage, she continues to inspire young girls to dream big and pursue their passions with unwavering determination. Her story is a powerful reminder that success in the music industry is achievable with hard work, professionalism, and a commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

As Bianca looks to the future, fans can look forward to new projects and performances. "We are working on releasing another album and booking a little run of shows in the summer. Lots of new music coming soon", she reveals. Bianca Schlosser remains a dynamic force in music, continually pushing boundaries and inspiring the next generation of female rockstars.

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