PART 1 Bianca Schlosser of Seranation - The Queen B of Bass: Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Rockstars

PART 1 Bianca Schlosser of Seranation - The Queen B of Bass: Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Rockstars

Bianca Schlosser, co-founder, bassist, and backup vocalist for the band Seranation, is more than just a musician. She is an inspiring figure for young women everywhere, particularly those aspiring to make their mark in the music industry. Known for her vibrant stage presence and deep musical skills, Bianca’s journey from a budding guitarist to the "Queen B of Bass" is a story of passion, dedication, and balance. This article explores her early beginnings, the formation and success of Seranation, and how she balances her demanding career with a healthy lifestyle.

Part 1: Early Interest in Guitars and Encouragement from Her Father

Bianca Schlosser's love affair with music began at an early age. Growing up in a household where music was a constant companion, Bianca was naturally drawn to the melodic strings of the guitar. It was her father who noticed her burgeoning interest and decided to nurture it. He saw the spark in her eyes whenever she strummed a tune and understood the potential his daughter possessed.

Encouragement from her father came in the form of early guitar lessons. Recognizing her passion, he sought out the best instructors who could impart not just technical skills, but also a love for the instrument. Bianca’s father made sure she had everything she needed to succeed, from quality lessons to a Fender Stratocaster, a gift that marked the true beginning of her musical journey. As

Bianca recalls, "I showed interest in playing the guitar, so my dad got me a Fender Strat and some guitar lessons at our local music shop."

With her new Fender Strat in hand, Bianca’s passion for music blossomed. She spent countless hours practicing, honing her skills, and immersing herself in different genres. Bianca's journey to musical success was marked by playing with various bands, each experience adding to her growth and development as a musician. It wasn’t just about mastering her instrument; it was about finding the right connections and the right sound that resonated with her vision.

Her dedication paid off when she co-founded Seranation in late 2014 with guitarist Adam Hocker. The band's unique blend of pop-reggae/rock, described as "Tropical-Rock," quickly set them apart in the music scene. With J. Carter on lead vocals, the band’s synergy was undeniable, and they rapidly gained a following.

Reflecting on the band's formation, Bianca says, "Me and Adam had already been in bands before but they never worked out. When we found out J was interested in fronting a band, we set up a day to jam at his place and the rest is history."

This is a 3-Part article about Bianca Schlosser, stay tuned for the next one!


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