Strawberry Moon Home Decor & Gifts Brings a Dash of Joy to Reggae Nights at the Fork

Strawberry Moon Home Decor & Gifts Brings a Dash of Joy to Reggae Nights at the Fork

Strawberry Moon Home Decor & Gifts

When the rhythmic beats of reggae music fill the air at the Fork in Port Charlotte, it's not just the music that's setting the tone. This year, Strawberry Moon Home Decor & Gifts, a beacon of happiness and unique shopping in the community, is proudly sponsoring Reggae Nights at the Fork. Scheduled for Sunday, March 24th, this event promises to be a vibrant blend of music, culture, and community spirit, perfectly complemented by the joyful essence of Strawberry Moon.

Strawberry Moon Home Decor & Gifts

The Sponsors Behind the Scene:

Strawberry Moon, known for its delightful array of unique gifts and home decor, brings more than just financial support to Reggae Nights. They bring a philosophy that aligns beautifully with the uplifting and positive vibes of reggae music. Their commitment to spreading joy and promoting healthy, happy living through their products makes them an ideal sponsor for an event that's all about good vibes and great music.

Musical Lineup:

The event features an impressive lineup, with Propaganjah headlining the night, supported directly by Ichroniq and opened by The Lost Tropics. Each band brings its unique flair to the reggae scene, ensuring a day filled with diverse rhythms and melodies. The music, much like the products found at Strawberry Moon, promises variety and something special for everyone.
Reggae Nights


Event Details:

Reggae Nights at the Fork is set to take place at Twisted Fork Port Charlotte, near the Charlotte County Fairgrounds. The event offers free general admission, with VIP tickets starting at $25, including access to a VIP Buffet. The event spans from 1 PM to 8 PM, offering a full day of music, relaxation, and community enjoyment.

A Healthy Twist on Shopping:

In line with Strawberry Moon's philosophy, the event underscores the importance of happiness and health in everyday life. Shopping at Strawberry Moon is not just about acquiring items; it's about the joy and satisfaction that comes with each purchase. This ethos resonates with the essence of Reggae Nights - a celebration of life, music, and community well-being.


 As the community gears up for a memorable day at Reggae Nights at the Fork, the involvement of Strawberry Moon Home Decor & Gifts adds an extra layer of excitement. Their sponsorship represents a perfect harmony of music, community, and the joy of living - a reflection of what they stand for as a business. So, as you sway to the reggae rhythms, remember that the spirit of joy, health, and unique experiences is being celebrated both on and off the stage, thanks to the vibrant contribution of Strawberry Moon. Buy Tickets Here

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