Bumpin Uglies to Bring Their Unique Sound to Reggae Rise Up Maryland 2024

Bumpin Uglies to Bring Their Unique Sound to Reggae Rise Up Maryland 2024


Bumpin Uglies to Bring Their Unique Sound to Reggae Rise Up Maryland 2024


As the picturesque Baltimore Peninsula prepares for the Reggae Rise Up Maryland festival, happening from June 21 to June 23, 2024, the diverse lineup promises unforgettable performances. Among the featured acts, Annapolis's own Bumpin Uglies is set to showcase their distinctive blend of reggae, ska, and punk, adding a vibrant layer to the festival's rich musical tapestry. Known for their compelling lyrics and energetic live shows, Bumpin Uglies is gearing up to make their mark on this year's event, engaging old fans and winning over new ones with their infectious sound.

With their roots deeply planted in the heart of Maryland, Bumpin Uglies brings a local flavor to the Reggae Rise Up Festival that resonates well with fans from all over. Their music, a seamless fusion of reggae, ska, and punk, mirrors the diverse influences that have shaped the band members themselves—Brandon Hardesty on lead vocals and guitar, Dave Wolf on bass and vocals, TJ Haslett on drums, Ethan Lichtenberger on keys and horns, and Will Lopez on sax and guitar.

Their standout tracks, including fan favorites like "Crazy," "Morning After" and "Underdog" are prime examples of their ability to craft songs that speak to life’s ups and downs while keeping listeners engaged with catchy, rhythmic beats. It's this unique blend that has garnered Bumpin Uglies a dedicated following and respect within the music community.

As they prepare to take the stage at Reggae Rise Up Maryland, attendees can look forward to a performance that encapsulates the essence of the band’s journey and their dynamic approach to music. The festival, known for celebrating the best in reggae, ska, and related genres, provides the perfect backdrop for Bumpin Uglies to connect with their audience, sharing the energy, passion, and authenticity that they bring to every show.

For those looking to experience the vibrancy and unity that reggae and ska music embody, Bumpin Uglies’ performance at the Reggae Rise Up Maryland Festival is not to be missed. Their set promises not only to showcase their musical prowess but also to contribute to the festival’s atmosphere of communal joy and musical exploration.

Tickets for Reggae Rise Up Maryland 2024 are available online, with detailed information on the lineup and festival amenities. For fans of Bumpin Uglies and newcomers alike, this festival offers a chance to immerse in the rich tapestry of reggae, ska, and punk, all set against the scenic backdrop of Maryland’s Baltimore Peninsula. Get your tickets here

For more information on the festival and to stay updated on Bumpin Uglies’ music and tour dates, visit the official Reggae Rise Up website at https://reggaeriseup.com/maryland/ and follow the band on their social media platforms. This June, join us in celebrating the power of music to unite and inspire at Reggae Rise Up Maryland 2024.
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