The Lost Tropics Set to Illuminate Bert's Back Porch with Reggae Vibes

The Lost Tropics Set to Illuminate Bert's Back Porch with Reggae Vibes


The Lost Tropics Set to Illuminate Bert's Back Porch with Reggae Vibes

March 24, 2024, marks a significant date for reggae enthusiasts in Port Charlotte, as The Lost Tropics prepare to grace Bert's Back Porch at the Twisted Fork with their soul-stirring melodies. The event, "Reggae Nights at The Fork," promises an afternoon and evening filled with the rhythmic beats and soothing sounds of reggae music, creating an oasis of Caribbean flair right in the heart of Florida.

The Lost Tropics

The Lost Tropics, celebrated for their dynamic fusion of classic reggae rhythms with elements of modern soundscapes, have established themselves as a formidable presence in the reggae music scene. Their music, rich with lyrical depth and melodic complexity, offers a fresh take on the genre while paying homage to its roots. Opening the stage at 2 PM, the band is poised to set the tone for an unforgettable day of music, friendship, and unity.

Bert's Back Porch, nestled amidst the vibrant surroundings of the Charlotte County Fairgrounds, serves as the ideal venue for this reggae spectacle. Renowned for hosting a diverse array of live events, the venue adds "Reggae Nights at The Fork" to its repertoire, inviting patrons to enjoy top-tier reggae music complemented by the venue's signature hospitality and culinary delights.


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For those looking to secure their place at this must-attend event, tickets are available for purchase online. Interested attendees can find all necessary details, including ticket pricing and availability, on the official Twisted Fork page. This streamlined process guarantees a hassle-free entry to a day where music, culture, and the warm vibes of reggae converge.

Beyond the day's performances, fans of The Lost Tropics and reggae music aficionados are encouraged to explore the band's official website. This digital hub offers an inside look at the band's journey, their musical ethos, and upcoming projects, serving as a resource for anyone eager to dive deeper into the vibrant world of reggae music.

Reggae Nights at the Twisted Fork on March 24, 2024 featuring Live Performances from Propaganjah, Ichroniq, and The Lost Tropics. VIP Tickets available for Purchase

As "Reggae Nights at The Fork" draws near, the excitement is palpable. This event is not just a concert; it's a celebration of the enduring spirit of reggae music, a tribute to the artists who keep this rich musical tradition alive, and a gathering of a community united by their love for rhythm, harmony, and positive vibrations.

For further details on the event and to explore the broader reggae scene, visit Reggae Nights Live. And for those wishing to commemorate this special day with a piece of unique apparel, make sure to check out ShirtsATM, your go-to for custom, reggae-themed fashion.

Join us at Bert's Back Porch for "Reggae Nights at The Fork"—a day to relish in the rhythms of The Lost Tropics, embrace the reggae lifestyle, and celebrate the music that brings us together under the Florida sun.

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