Reggae Comes Alive in Port Charlotte: A Must-Attend Event at The Twisted Fork

Reggae Comes Alive in Port Charlotte: A Must-Attend Event at The Twisted Fork

Reggae Nights at the Twisted Fork Port Charlotte

Port Charlotte, FL – Get ready to sway to the soothing rhythms of reggae as The Twisted Fork hosts an unforgettable evening of music and camaraderie. This charming venue, nestled next to the vibrant Charlotte County Fair, is set to transform into a hub of reggae vibes with 'Reggae Nights' on March 24th, 2024. This event promises to be a delightful fusion of music, culture, and local charm.

As the sun dips on a warm Sunday afternoon, the air in Port Charlotte will come alive with the soulful beats of renowned reggae bands. Leading the lineup is Propaganjah, known for their captivating blend of traditional and contemporary reggae, followed by the dynamic Ichroniq, whose rhythms resonate with reggae purists and new-age fans alike. Adding to the mix, Lost Tropics will bring their unique style, ensuring a musical experience that is both diverse and engaging.

Featured Bands:



Lost Tropics

Set in the scenic locale of 2208 El Jobean Rd, the event extends a warm invitation to everyone – from reggae enthusiasts to families looking for a relaxed evening out. The beauty of this event lies not just in its music but also in its accessibility. With free general admission and the promise of VIP experiences yet to be unveiled, Reggae Nights caters to all.

As the evening unfolds, attendees can also explore the offerings of The Twisted Fork. Known for its delightful cuisine and welcoming atmosphere, the venue is a perfect backdrop for an event that celebrates community and culture.

For those eager to plan their experience, further details and ticket information are available on Eventbrite and updates can be followed on the event's Facebook page. Additionally, the Twisted Fork’s website provides insights into their upcoming events and more (Twisted Fork Events).

Reggae Nights at The Twisted Fork is more than just a concert; it's a celebration of music, community, and the spirit of Port Charlotte. Mark your calendars for March 24, 2024, and join in for an evening where the rhythms of reggae create unforgettable memories.

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