Venice's Best Scoop, Now at Reggae Nights on the Island

Venice's Best Scoop, Now at Reggae Nights on the Island

Nestled in the heart of Venice, Florida, lies a beloved local treasure: Scoops Ice Cream. For over 15 years, this charming establishment has been dishing out delectable delights to the community, creating memories one scoop at a time. Much more than an ice cream parlor, Scoops is a testament to the power of community spirit.

With a menu as diverse as the colors of a Floridian sunset, Scoops boasts an array of over 30 tantalizing ice cream flavors, vintage candies that evoke sweet nostalgia, and an assortment of classic sodas that take you on a fizzy journey down memory lane. And, for the furry members of your family, they even offer delightful "pup cups" – a treat that's sure to set tails wagging.

Scoops Ice Cream Venice


Beyond its delightful offerings, Scoops Ice Cream is a staunch supporter of local heroes. They stand hand-in-hand with first responders, law enforcement, and educators who shape the very foundation of the community. Through countless hours of dedicated service and countless scoops shared, Scoops Ice Cream exemplifies the true spirit of giving back.

As if their delectable treats weren't enough, Scoops also offers a unique opportunity to bring the party to you. With their truck rentals, your special events can be infused with the magic of Scoops' timeless flavors and vintage charm.

For the upcoming Reggae Nights on the Island event, Scoops Ice Cream is all set to bring their signature sweetness. Located behind the KMI building on Tampa Ave, they'll be a stone's throw away from the Suncoast Cafe VIP entrance, making it the perfect spot to savor a cone poolside while enjoying the beats.

So mark your calendars, for on Saturday, October 7, 2023, from 5 pm to 9 pm, Scoops Ice Cream will be adding an extra scoop of delight to the already vibrant Reggae Nights in Venice, FL. Admission is free, but for an extra-special experience, VIP ticket options await. Join us in celebrating community, music, and, of course, the best ice cream in Venice.

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