Undercover Rasta Performs at the Charlotte County Fairgrounds, Port Charlotte Fl

Undercover Rasta Performs at the Charlotte County Fairgrounds, Port Charlotte Fl

Undercover Rasta Performs at the Charlotte County Fairgrounds, Port Charlotte Fl

As the vibrant heart of Port Charlotte prepares to pulse with reggae rhythms, the Charlotte County Fairgrounds is set to host an unforgettable night of music, culture, and community spirit. The centerpiece of this celebration is the much-anticipated performance by the globally recognized reggae ensemble, Undercover Rasta, at this year's FloFest

Undercover Rasta: A Symphony of Reggae at the 3rd Annual FloFest

Known for their spirited performances and genuine reggae sound, Undercover Rasta is the headlining act at the 3rd Annual FloFest, a cornerstone event of Potluck SRQ. This festival is a beacon of music, art, and local culture, offering a rare opportunity for the people of Port Charlotte and beyond to bask in the universal charm of reggae music.

This article is brought to you by Tri-Healthy North Port.

This year's 3rd Annual FloFest underscores the power of music to unite and heal. While Tri-Healthy, known for their commitment to wellness and community engagement, sees the festival as an extension of their mission to promote health and happiness through unique, community-centric experiences. 

A Cultural Mosaic at the Charlotte County Fairgrounds

Set against the expansive outdoors of the Charlotte County Fairgrounds, the festival promises an immersive experience. Attendees are invited to revel in the rhythmic melodies of Undercover Rasta, discover local artisans, and enjoy a spread of culinary delights. This vibrant mix of music, art, and food celebrates the rich tapestry of cultural expressions.


Why This Event is a Must-Attend

For enthusiasts of reggae and those seeking a dynamic community event, the 3rd Annual FloFest of Potluck SRQ is an occasion you won't want to miss. The evening transcends a typical concert, offering a gateway to the essence of reggae culture, encouraging togetherness, and showcasing the diverse fabric of Port Charlotte's community spirit.


Join Us for an Unforgettable Night

Mark your calendars for an evening where music, culture, and fellowship converge under the starlit sky of the Charlotte County Fairgrounds. This event is not only a concert but a celebration of life, brought to you by Potluck SRQ.

For tickets and more details, please visit Potluck SRQ and Eventbrite. Don't miss this chance to be part of a movement that celebrates the healing power of music and the enduring legacy of reggae culture, all while enjoying the community-focused wellness initiatives brought to you by Tri-Healthy North Port.

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