The Ries Brothers: Tampa Bay's Melodic Blend of Rock, Blues, and Reggae

The Ries Brothers: Tampa Bay's Melodic Blend of Rock, Blues, and Reggae


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In the vibrant landscape of Tampa Bay's music scene, The Ries Brothers have emerged as a standout duo, merging rock, blues, and reggae into a harmonious and captivating blend. Comprising siblings Charlie Ries and Kevin Jordan, this dynamic pair has been enchanting audiences with their unique sound and exhilarating performances.

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A Duo of Diverse Talents

Charlie Ries, managing lead vocals while masterfully playing the drums and keyboard bass, brings an exceptional dynamic to their music. His ability to simultaneously handle vocals and rhythm sections sets a distinct tone, while his keyboard bass adds a funky, melodic groove. Kevin Jordan, with his prowess on guitar, ukulele, melodica, and theremin, adds layers of depth and versatility, creating a rich auditory experience that belies their duo format.

Tracks That Resonate

Songs like "Echoing Dream," "Corner Store," and "Take It Back(-Reggae Remix, Feat. Julian Marley, Bumpin Uglies, E.N Young, Kashd Out, Little Stranger, Gary Dread, and Jaimie Hinckson) exemplify the brothers' talent for seamlessly weaving together various musical influences. Their music, characterized by smooth melodies, catchy hooks, and funky rhythms, showcases their innate musicality and diverse influences.

Captivating Live Performances

The Ries Brothers truly shine in their live performances. Known for their energy and charisma, they create an engaging atmosphere that resonates with audiences, making their shows memorable and full of vibrancy. The duo's passion for music is evident in their performances, where they deliver each song with heart and soul.


Rising Stars in the Music Industry

As The Ries Brothers continue to tour and release new music, they are quickly becoming a notable act in the rock, blues, and reggae genres. Their journey in the music industry is distinguished by their creativity, talent, and dedication to evolving their sound and reaching new audiences.

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The Ries Brothers are not just musicians; they are a powerful musical force, blending genres and creating a sound that's uniquely their own, resonating with fans across the globe.

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