Potluck SRQ Presents: FloFest 2024 at the Charlotte County Fairgrounds

Potluck SRQ Presents: FloFest 2024 at the Charlotte County Fairgrounds


Potluck SRQ Presents: FloFest 2024 at the Charlotte County Fairgrounds


Port Charlotte, FL, the 3rd Annual FloFest gears up to set the stage on April 27, 2024, at the Charlotte County Fairgrounds. This celebration is a testament to the evolving cannabis culture and the inherent vibrancy of the Florida lifestyle.

Celebration at the Core

FloFest transcends being merely an event; it's a vibrant celebration of the cannabis movement and Florida's rich cultural tapestry. As the dialogue around cannabis shifts towards more inclusive and accepting tones, FloFest emerges as a beacon for both aficionados and the cannabis-curious alike, offering a day filled with knowledge, connection, and entertainment.


Festival Highlights

Anticipation bubbles for what's promised to be an immersive experience at FloFest 2024. Attendees can look forward to a broad spectrum of activities, ranging from workshops led by industry experts to live performances that pulse with the beat of unity and celebration. The festival is a haven for those eager to enrich their understanding and for those just looking to soak in the vibrant Floridian atmosphere.





The Musical Line-Up

Music is the heartbeat of FloFest, bringing together an eclectic mix of talent that mirrors the festival's inclusive ethos:

Undercover Rasta - Merging reggae rhythms with contemporary sounds, Undercover Rasta is poised to lift the festival spirit as the main act of the day. Check out their official website at https://www.undercoverrasta.com/

The Dub Collectors - With their engaging soundscapes, this band is ready to deliver a performance that resonates long after the event. Dive into the music of The Dub Collectors at https://www.thedubcollectors.com/

The Sub Herbs - The Sub Herbs are set to showcase their musical prowess. Immerse yourself in their sound at https://thesubherbsmusic.com/

Vio-Cast - Blending reggae with soul, Vio-Cast offers a unique reggae experience. Get to know him at https://www.instagram.com/viocastreggae/

Ian Nelson - As a solo artist deeply rooted in reggae, Ian Nelson's performance promises to be a soulful experience. Check him out at https://www.instagram.com/iansafungi

Badda Skat - Infusing traditional reggae with modern themes, also announced as the MC and DJ of the event, Badda Skat's music is a call to unity. Explore the band's musical style at https://www.baddaskat.com/home


Be Part of the Movement

FloFest 2024 extends an open invitation to everyone intrigued by the fusion of cannabis culture and the Floridian way of life. Whether you're deeply embedded in the cannabis community or simply curious about the lifestyle, FloFest presents an unparalleled opportunity to engage, learn, and celebrate. Secure your spot by visiting Eventbrite and keep up with the latest news by joining the FloFest community on Facebook FloFest Facebook.

This article is sponsored by Tri-Healthy, CBD in or near Port Charlotte Florida - this article shines a spotlight on the 3rd Annual FloFest, a cornerstone event that promises to highlight the growth and embrace of cannabis culture in the Sunshine State. As we look forward to April 27, 2024, the excitement for a day filled with knowledge, music, and community at the Charlotte County Fairgrounds continues to grow.

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