Ichroniq: Tampa's Fresh Face in Reggae Fusion

Ichroniq: Tampa's Fresh Face in Reggae Fusion


Emerging from the vibrant city of Tampa, Florida, Ichroniq is quickly making a name for themselves in the reggae music scene. Formed in 2021, this dynamic band is redefining the boundaries of reggae fusion with their eclectic blend of genres, resonating with fans both in Florida and beyond.

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A Melting Pot of Musical Styles

Ichroniq, composed of the talented Tyler Jaworski on vocals and guitar, Vincent Nunez on bass, Daniel Valladares on saxophone, Paul Bartel on lead guitar, and Josh Hasak on drums, offers a rich tapestry of musical influences. Their sound is a unique concoction of reggae's rhythmic roots, the narrative depth of hip-hop, and the psychedelic flair of rock.



Hit Tracks that Resonate

Their songs, including "Stay Up, Way Up", "The Run Around", and "Oceanside" showcase Ichroniq's ability to craft tracks that are catchy yet profound. Their music is characterized by infectious rhythms, engaging lyrics, and a vibe that balances upbeat energy with introspective depth.

Live Performances: A Captivating Experience

Ichroniq's live performances are where they truly shine. Known for their electrifying stage presence, they create an immersive experience that captivates audiences, leaving a lasting impression of their musical prowess and passion.


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Rising Stars in Reggae Fusion

As Ichroniq continues to evolve and make their mark, they are swiftly becoming a must-watch band within the music industry. Their innovative approach to blending genres and commitment to crafting inspiring and entertaining songs position them as a fresh and exhilarating presence in the reggae music landscape.

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Ichroniq isn't just a band; they're at the forefront of a new wave in reggae fusion. With their unique sound and commitment to innovation, they continue to inspire and entertain audiences far and wide.

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