Ichroniq is Spreading Vibes Across the Sunshine State

Ichroniq is Spreading Vibes Across the Sunshine State

Ichroniq is spreading vibes across the Sunshine State.  Ichroniq is growing into something bigger than just another reggae band: it's a South Florida gem whose music is all about spreading positive vibes through the Sunshine State. While staying true to the roots of the reggae genre, Ichroniq's dynamic drum beats, thumping bass lines, swinging riddims and horns weave in and out of different genres and sonic landscapes always keeping the listener grooving and entertained.

Ichroniq - Stay Up, Way Up

Ichroniq, The Tampa-based band began in 2021 by producer CRV5H and vocalist/guitarist Tyler Jaworski, when they met in a jiu-jitsu gym outside of Tampa, FL. The two musicians quickly realized their shared love for creating music together. Soon, the band recruited bassist Vincent Nunez, saxophonist Daniel Valladares and guitarist Paul Bartel to complete the lineup. Drummer Josh Hasak joined to complete the hard hitting stage presence Ichroniq is know for.

After sharing the stage with artists such as Through the Roots, Shwayze and Little Stranger in 2022, the band plans to expand their unprecedentedly versatile portfolio, tear the roof off every dive bar from Tallahassee to Tamiami and make their presence felt across the reggae scene.

Ichroniq's future is bright, and the band is ready to take their music to new heights. This band may be coming to an area near you sooner than you think!

Ichroniq spreading vibes across Florida

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