Grateful Dub - A Reggae Infused Tribute to the Grateful Dead in St.Petersburg, Florida

Grateful Dub - A Reggae Infused Tribute to the Grateful Dead in St.Petersburg, Florida


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Get ready, St. Petersburg, for a musical fusion that promises to be unlike anything you've experienced before. On March 3, 2024, Grateful Dub is bringing its reggae-infused tribute to the Grateful Dead to the iconic Jannus Live, offering fans a night of unforgettable melodies and rhythms.

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Grateful Dub is a collaboration that includes the talents of Roots of Creation and Dan Kelly, renowned for blending the legendary rock tunes of the Grateful Dead with the laid-back, rhythmic vibes of reggae music. This innovative approach has captured the hearts of music enthusiasts across genres, creating a fresh yet familiar listening experience.


This event, set against the backdrop of St. Petersburg's vibrant music scene, is not just another concert; it's a celebration of music's power to bridge genres and generations. Jannus LiveJannus Live, with its unique open-air ambiance, provides the perfect venue for the rhythmic grooves and soulful melodies of Grateful DubGrateful Dub. Attendees can expect an evening where classic Grateful Dead songs are reimagined, bringing together reggae beats and rock elements in harmony.

Tickets for this distinctive musical event are available on Eventbrite. offering a range of options from general admission to VIP packages. For fans looking to immerse themselves in the world of Grateful Dub ahead of the concert, updates, music previews, and more information can be found on their Facebook page and YouTube channel.

This concert is an exploration of musical boundaries, a testament to the timeless appeal of the Grateful Dead, and the enduring spirit of reggae music. It's an opportunity for fans of both genres to come together and experience the magic that happens when rock meets reggae under the stars.

As the event date draws near, excitement is mounting for what promises to be a standout musical event in St. Petersburg for 2024. Whether you're a die-hard Deadhead, a reggae lover, or someone who appreciates the fusion of musical styles, this concert is not to be missed. Join Grateful Dub - Roots of Creation, and Dan Kelly for an evening where the spirit of the Grateful Dead is celebrated through the rhythms of reggae.

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