Daycation in St. Pete Florida - 5 Things for the Active, but Lazy Tourist

Daycation in St. Pete Florida - 5 Things for the Active, but Lazy Tourist

Reggae Nights is heading to St. Pete to see The Expendables, Passafire, and Seranation at Jannus Live June 11th, 2023.  Being a tourist can be exhausting. You have to pack your bags, drive to a destination, figure out where you're staying and how you're getting around. It's enough to make anyone want to stay at home! And if you're like me and weary of the hassle of planning a trip, then here's the solution: Daycation in St. Pete Florida!

Daycation in St. Pete Florida - 5 Things for the Active, but Lazy Tourist

St. Pete is a great destination for a daycation. With its proximity to Tampa, Orlando and Sarasota, there's plenty to see and do without having to spend all your time in transit.

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St. Pete has something for everyone: food lovers will find some of the best restaurants in Florida; beer connoisseurs will be pleased with St. Pete's craft breweries; history buffs can learn about how this city was founded by Russian immigrants (and how their culture influenced its current identity); art enthusiasts can enjoy galleries or museums showcasing local talent; outdoor enthusiasts will love exploring beaches or walking around parks like Mirror Lake Park or Weedon Island Preserve State Park; sports fans will appreciate games played at Tropicana Field stadium which hosts Major League Baseball spring training games as well as home games played by Tampa Bay Rays baseball team during regular season months (April through September). There are also plenty more activities available such as sightseeing tours where you'll get an insider perspective on things like historic neighborhoods like North Shore Historic District & Uptown District while enjoying scenic views along beautiful waterfront areas including Bayshore Boulevard which boasts breathtaking views overlooking Tampa Bay & Sunshine Skyway Bridge connecting St. Petersburg with Bradenton Beach area across waterway linking Gulf Coast region known locally simply as "Gulf Coast"

 1. The Waterfront, St. Pete Pier

The Waterfront, St. Pete Pier is a landmark attraction for everyone including food, entertainment and spectacular views of the Gulf.

The Waterfront is located on the south side of Central Avenue between First and Fourth Streets in downtown St. Petersburg Florida. The waterfront district has been revitalized over the past decade and now offers visitors many restaurants and bars as well as an outdoor concert venue called Jannus Live which hosts concerts throughout the year (including big names like Passafire and The Expendables). Top Slice Pizza is also located right around the corner where you can enjoy your slice while taking in some live music or watching people walk by on their way to dinner before heading back home.

2.  The Beach, Rent and ebike

If you're looking for an active way to see the city and enjoy the beach, rent an ebike from Electric Spinz or Bay Bikes! These bikes are great for getting around town and exploring all that St. Pete has to offer without having to worry about traffic or parking (just look out for pedestrians). They're also environmentally friendly--so you can feel good about yourself while being lazy!

3.  Gulf Coast Kayaking with Ease

You can rent a kayak for the day, or if you're feeling adventurous and lazy at the same time, rent an electric motorized kayak! The latter option will allow you to get out on the water without having to paddle yourself around. While some might argue that this is cheating (and they would be correct), it's really one of those situations where "the end justifies the means."

4.  Where to Eat in St. Pete - Pizza

While you're out and about exploring all the amazing attractions that St. Pete has to offer, you might get hungry. And if you do, there's no better place for a slice of pizza than Top Slice Pizza.

Top Slice is known for having some of the best pizza in St. Petersburg and Florida! So if you want to treat yourself after a long day of exploring or shopping on your vacation, then this should be your first stop!

5.  St. Petersburg Restaurants and Night Life

So, you've been walking around all day and you're tired. No worries! There are plenty of great places in downtown St. Petersburg to grab a bite or have some drinks. If you're looking for something quick and close to Downtown, try The Black Cattle Burger. It's just right around the block from our everything and has delicious food at reasonable prices!

Enjoy St. Pete, Florida

St. Pete, Florida will provide memories of good vibes, palm trees, and what Florida truly is. You can find good food and entertainment in downtown St. Pete as well as rent a bike to explore the city or even rent a motorized kayak! Grabbing a slice of pizza on the beach is always fun too!

If you're looking for something more exciting than just relaxing on the beach all day long then head over to downtown St. Pete where there are lots of bars and clubs that stay open late into the night! You may have to stay an extra day.

We hope that this has been a helpful guide to the best things to do in St. Pete Florida. We know it can be overwhelming trying to plan a trip when your lazy and there are so many options and so little time, but we're here for you!

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