Claire Wright Brings a Fusion of Sunshine to Reggae Rise Up Maryland Stage

Claire Wright Brings a Fusion of Sunshine to Reggae Rise Up Maryland Stage


Claire Wright Brings a Fusion of Sunshine to Reggae Rise Up Maryland Stage


In the vast tapestry of music genres, where reggae meets country, one artist stands out for her distinctive blend that transports listeners to sun-soaked shores with a touch of home. Claire Wright, an Auburn, California native, is set to grace the stage at Reggae Rise Up Maryland, marking a much-anticipated return on the festival's second day, June 22, 2024.


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Nestled on the picturesque Baltimore Peninsula, Reggae Rise Up Maryland is known for showcasing an eclectic mix of reggae talent, and Wright’s performance is poised to be a festival highlight. Her presence at the festival is not just a performance; it's a journey through the musical landscapes of folk, country, indie, and reggae, presented through the lens of her heartfelt songwriting and captivating melodies.

Since her formation as a solo act in 2021, Wright has carved a niche for herself in the music industry, blending the storytelling essence of country with the laid-back vibes of reggae. Inspired by the likes of Jack Johnson and The Dirty Heads, her songs speak of personal growth, love, exploration, and the undeniable lure of the ocean. Tracks like "I Could Use a Beach" and "Setting Out for the Sun" have become anthems for those seeking solace in the rhythm of the waves and the warmth of the sun.

This year's Reggae Rise Up Maryland promises to be an unforgettable experience, with Wright bringing her signature style of reggae country to the forefront. Her music, described as a breath of fresh air in the reggae and country scenes, provides a unique auditory experience that melds the essence of both genres, creating a sound that resonates with a wide array of music lovers.

Wright's anticipated performance is not just a showcase of her top songs but a reflection of her journey as an artist. From the streets of Southern California and Nashville, Tennessee, to the heart of Maryland, her music has traveled, touching the lives of many and gathering a devoted following along the way.

For tickets and more information about Reggae Rise Up Maryland, visit Reggae Rise Up Maryland Festival 2024. Don’t miss the chance to witness Claire Wright's enchanting performance that promises to be a highlight of the festival. Let the waves of her music carry you away, and find yourself transported to a place where the sun always shines and the music never stops.

For more about the festival lineup and details, head over to Reggae Rise Up.

Join us at Reggae Rise Up Maryland to experience the captivating blend of reggae and country through the melodies of Claire Wright. It’s not just a concert; it’s a destination for those who dream of beach-side serenades and the open road, all wrapped into one unforgettable performance.

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