AKiVA the Band Interview w/ The Shellback

AKiVA the Band Interview w/ The Shellback


AKiVA the Band Interview w/ The Shellback

Here at Reggae Nights, we're thrilled to bring you an exclusive interview with AKiVA the Band, the dynamic reggae group from Ybor City. As they gear up for their exciting performance at Tribe Fest in Denver, we had the chance to sit down with them to talk about their origins, what they're currently working on, and what the future holds.


AKiVA the Band has been making waves with their energetic reggae music and their close relationship with fans. Just before they take the stage at Tribe Fest, they shared with us on an interview last May 2nd, their journey and dreams.

Starting with local shows in Ybor City and now gracing larger festival stages, their dedication to reggae and its community shines brightly. They keep their fans in the loop through their active Instagram account, where they post fun updates and behind-the-scenes content.


With the upcoming Tribe Fest in Denver, AKiVA the Band is eager to introduce their sound to new listeners and connect with a broader audience. This isn't just another performance; it's a significant opportunity for them to expand their musical reach.

Join us as we uncover the story of how AKiVA the Band came to be, what fuels their passion for reggae, and what exciting developments lie ahead.

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